Skater Achievement Awards

To recognize the hard work that our skaters, parents and officials put into representing Denver Figure Skating Club, the club offers our recognition to our skating members through monetary awards.
Denver Figure Skating club is proud of all of our members and has developed theSkater Achievement Award program as a way to help skaters of all ages, levels, and skating disciplines financially. This program reflects and rewards not only the skating achievements of our members at competitions and through testing but also volunteer work they contribute to the club, the skater’s participation in club events, and school GPA.
For skaters to be eligible for a Skater Achievement Award they must be a full member* of DFSC for at least one membership year and complete and submit the Skater Achievement Award Application by May 31, 2016.  The amount of money awarded for the Skater Achievement Award is based on DFSC’s income from the prior membership year (2014-2015) and may be different each year. Awards are only given to skaters that complete the Skater Achievement Award Application. ALL applicants receive a financial award. So, don’t miss out! Send your application in today!
In addition to the Skater Achievement Awards, Denver FSC offers a CompetitionAward and a Dance Scholarship.  The Competition Award is for individuals or teams who qualify for Sectionals and also for Nationals.  This award amount is determined on a case by case basis.  The Ice Dance Scholarship is made available to a dance team by an endowment to our club by Margaret Kaflisch, a longtime member of DFSC. If you qualify for either award, please contact us for more information.
We are looking forward to another great year and continue to recognize the outstanding dedication that all of our club members contribute to Denver FigureSkating Club.
Denver Figure Skating Club
*Full members include: Single Senior, Family, Large Family and Collegiate memberships